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St. John's Day Singing ...

Ever since the monastery's foundation in the 10th cent., St. John the Baptist has been the patron saint of Walsrode Abbey. The medieval stained glass window shows him in his camel hair gown, leather belt and the lamb as reference to the crucified and risen Jesus Christ.

Abbey Chapel

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St. John's Day on 24th June is an important day in the annual calendar as Midsummer's Day. Many traditions were linked to this day, and even now Midsummer's Day is a widely celebrated.
Since the 1980s, the Convent has celebrated this holiday with a public singing in the monastery chapel. Many guests from Walsrode and further afield congregate in the chapel in order to join in communal singing of summery songs - church hyms as well as secular songs. The Superintendent and the choirmaster of the town's church and sometimes a choir support Convent and visitors in the joyful "St. John's Day Singing".

After a brief break, the Convent then re-enters the chapel to the tolling of the monastery bell dressed in their solemn habit to celebrate a church service with the visitors.

This is the only regular church service in the chapel. On Sundays, the Convent attends the service in the Town Church: dressed in cope and bonnet, the ladies of the convent take their accustomed places in the "Prieche", a secluded stall in the church's chancel.