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Social responsibility and commitment, in earlier times known as charity relief, have always been part of the tasks undertaken by Walsrode Abbey. Funded from various donations and foundations such as the Herring Gift, food, clothes, cloth or money was handed out at set times to support certain groups of inhabitants. In addition, girls from socially disadvantaged families were taught the basics in Walsrode Abbey.


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Abbey Garden

Two important institutions in Walsrode date back to initiatives by ladies of the convent. In 1890, Abbess Theresa von Plato set up a day-care centre for the children of working mothers, as all too frequently infants had died while their mothers had to go out to earn a living. These days, the Day-care Nursery at the Waldbad bears the name of Therese von Plato.

As early as 1875, Prioress Amalie von Stoltzenberg used her personal wealth to fund the establishment of a six-bed hospital at the Lange Strasse; very soon, though, demand exceeded the available provisions, necessitating an extension; the hospital then passed into municipal ownership. The modern "Heidekreis Klinikum" hospital has its roots in this foundation.

These days, too, the ladies of the convent are actively involved in social issues, church and culture. Working in an honorary capacity as parish councillors in the local parish, or for the Walsroder Tafel, (a local food bank charity), in hospice work and hospital chaplaincy, in nurseries and old people's homes, the ladies of the convent thus continue the century-old tradition of service for others beyond their own communal life in Christian faith to the benefit of the wider community outside the monastery walls.